What is a Finder?

GP Partners

We are often asked, “what is a finder or are you brokers?”. So here is the long answer.

A finder supports both buyers and sellers of companies but is only compensated by the buyer when a deal closes. Finders are often mistake for business brokers, but the two are very different. A business broker represents a seller and is compensated by that seller - often through a monthly retainer fee and a closing fee if a deal closes. This can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a typical M&A deal. 

A finder is only compensated when a deal closes. This provides a ton of flexibility - both financially and personally - to the seller. The seller has no obligation to pay a monthly fee or even a closing fee if he/she sells their business. The seller also does not have any pressure throughout the process. 

The retainer fee a broker charges is not unreasonable though, this ensures the seller is actually committed. A lot of work goes into finding the buyer, helping the seller along the way and negotiating on their behalf. This requires compensation. 

A finder, however, leaves a lot of this up to the seller. The seller is in full control of their process. They negotiate directly with the buyer and have full control of confidential information being shared with the parties involved.