Selling Your Dental Practice... Easy

GP Partners

There are a number of acquisition groups active in the dental space. Some are great, others not so much. It really comes down to what you want in a buyer or partner.

Most groups will ask you to stay on for at least 2 years post exit (they want you to be a part of the business going forward). This is a great way to not rock the ship and keep you in a comfortable position. Not only did you just cash out (you probably received somewhere between 5-7x EBITDA - depending on size), you also kept your job. Only difference, you are now backed by a professional organization that can help in all aspects of operations: back-office and general support needs.

GP Partners works with the best groups in the dental space. Our goal is to partner with the best dental groups to ensure the highest certainty of closing a transaction. That means - we bring you to the group with the best offer, the best terms, and the best end result.

No rebranding, no employee overhaul, no major changes. Everything will stay the same, except you have now de-risked and you get to continue to provide excellent service to your loyal customers.

Talk to us today if you are interested in selling your dental practice or if you have general questions regarding industry trends, valuations, or the investment groups that we partner with.